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3 Ways Businesses Can Use Commercial Scent Machines

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Think about how you experience the businesses you frequent, and you will probably conjure up memories of the building. However, there is something else that is just as intrinsically tied to memory: scent. For example, you can catch the scent of lumber and engine oil, and you are immediately positioned in a garage somewhere that you've visited in the past. Businesses are utilizing commercial scent machines to further brand their businesses, make shoppers think about making certain purchases, and even make clients more comfortable.

Hotels can use trademark fragrances to elevate guest experiences.  

Some of the biggest hotel chains are utilizing the idea of commercial scent diffusion to add an extra element to their brands. Some hotels have created signature scents that they distribute through a diffusion system in their ducts. These fragrances often mimic the brand's personality. For example, a distinguished Manhattan hotel with an upscale leather and wood design scheme may have these very same elements incorporated into their brand fragrance. Guests who visit are immediately greeted with an aroma to match what they see, and the scent memory lingers well after they leave. 

Retailers can use fragrances to encourage seasonal shopping. 

Imagine stepping into a large department store sometime close to the holidays. You haven't really been in the spirit to decorate your home or buy gifts, but as you browse the aisles of the store, scents of the season settle around you. A hint of cinnamon reminds you of how much you really like those twinkling lights or a whiff of evergreen makes you a bit nostalgic, so you feel compelled to look at trees. Retailers are using commercial scent diffuser systems precisely in this manner. By manipulating the fragrances customers experience as they walk through the store, they may also influence what these customers buy. 

Medical practices can use scents to keep patients relaxed and calm. 

Most people don't really like having to go to the doctor or seek medical care. The stark and sterile environment can be just as off-putting as the thought of treatment being performed. The sense of smell is linked directly to certain feelings, and some medical care businesses are using this knowledge to their advantage. By installing a commercial air duct scent machine, medical practices are filled from wall to wall with calming scents of things meant to induce a sense of calm, such as lavender or jasmine. 

To learn more about commercial scent diffuser systems, speak with a professional.