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3 Tips To Help You Create Great Company Shirts

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One of the most basic and widely used types of corporate apparel is shirts. If your company is ready to start making their own corporate apparel, a line of shirts is a great place to start. When it comes to creating company shirts, you want to make shirts that your employees will actually want to wear.

Tip #1: Consider the Purpose of the Shirt

When it comes to creating corporate apparel, you need to first consider the purpose of the shirts. Not all shirts are the same, which is why you need to determine what the shirts are for.

For example, are the shirts promotional shirts that will be given away at a hot summer event? In that case, a t-shirt made of lightweight material would be a great choice.

Are the shirts intended to be used as a uniform? If so, you will want to go for a more durable material. What type of employees will be wearing the shirts?  For retail and service jobs, polo shirts look professional, but for mid-level executives, a button-up shirt may be best.

Make sure the type of shirt you choose fits the intended audience and purpose for the shirts.

Tip #2: Think About Where to Print Your Company Name

Second, you need to think about where you want to print your company name. For businesses, it is usually standard to print the company name on the left chest in smaller letters, and then to put a much larger logo and potentially more information on the back of the shirt.

However, it is not required for you to arrange your shirt like that. You can put a large logo front and center, or you can keep the logo smaller. Once again, this depends on the purpose of the shirt. If you are using the shirt for professional purposes, keep the logo smaller. If you are using the shirt for promotional purposes, go for a large logo.

Tip #3: Coordinate the Color with Your Marketing

Finally, when it comes to choosing the colors for your shirts, try to coordinate the shirt colors with your business's company colors.

You can print the logo in your company colors and choose a complementary color for the shirts. Or you can print the logo in a neutral color and use your company colors for the shirt color.

When it comes to printing out corporate apparel, shirts are the first place you should start. When you create shirts for your business, be sure to think about the purpose of the shirt as you design the logo for the shirt, and choose what type of shirt you want the information printed on. Make sure the shirt coordinates with your business's marketing colors.