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Door Hanger Advertising Can Help Make Unique Stories for Customers

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Companies trying to connect with their customers often struggle to find a way to bridge that gap. However, they can potentially connect with their customers by telling unique stories with their advertising. One type of unique marketing option that doesn't get talked about enough is the use of high-quality door hangers. Door hanger advertising is an in-person marketing tool can create unique connections.

Advertising Helps Build Connections

Successful advertising and marketing in the digital and millennial age is all about creating stories and avoiding seeming like a company is advertising. These types of stories can be seen in many types of advertising forms, from the unique advertisements seen during the Super Bowl – some of which recur every year with slight changes – to unique and personal approaches seen in many smaller print ads.

For example, print ads can include pictures and direct quotes from the founder of the company. These ads can include stories about the company's founding, what it means to that person, and the various ways that they have been blessed by the patronage of their customers. These types of ads are often best when people see them in their home, such as when they notice new door hanger ads.

In-Person Advertising is Critical

In-person advertising in the form of door hangers is such a unique way to deliver a message to a customer. Some types of marketing are hard to track because companies may not be sure who even sees their attempts to connect. However, door hangers are physically on a person's property and are impossible to miss. Even if someone only gives it a cursory glance, the ad is something that they'll remember.

Those people who do take a second to read the ad can get an in-depth examination of what a company means to the owner and the various types of services that they provide. The story of that business can be told quite quickly and provide a unique insight into the personalities behind its operation. In this way, it is possible to connect with customers even if they aren't interested in a company's service.

Later on, though, they may need to work with a business or know somebody who needs its services. The unique and personal nature of the door hanger – hanging from their doorknob like a note – will stand out in their mind even more and make them more effective.