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Essential Items For An Effective Trade Show Booth

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Signing up to participate in trade shows that are relevant to your industry can be an effective way to market your organization and reach new customers or clients. There may be multiple relevant trade shows in your city each year, or you might even find that it's worthwhile to travel around the state to attend different events. There are several keys to making your trade show experience successful, including ensuring that you set up your booth with an eye-catching display. Here are three essential items to include as you plan an effective trade show booth.


There's little doubt that good signage is integral to an effective trade show booth display. As trade show participants move throughout the venue, they're constantly assessing the booths around them. Your booth will be competing with other booths for peoples' attention, and someone who can't make sense of a booth's signage may not approach to learn more. You want your signs to clearly reflect several things, including the name of your company and what it can do for customers. For example, a sign that includes a list of bullet points about how your product or service will make peoples' lives easier is an effective way to get attention and have people approach you.

Demonstration Videos

Good signage can draw people toward your trade show booth, but you'll want to use more than signs to provide information about your company. It's worthwhile to have at least one TV set up that plays demonstration videos on a loop. A video that lasts just a couple of minutes will hold the attention of many of the people who enter your booth — and you or a colleague can then approach them after the video ends to ask if they have any questions. This can be an effective way to begin a discussion that may translate into acquiring new customers or clients.

Actual Products

If your company sells a physical product, having a display area that features some products for attendees to handle is important. For example, someone who can pick up your product and feel its quality may be interested in learning more about your company and the products that it sells. This area could consist of a table at one end of the booth on which you have several of your products on display. You'll want to have a staff member positioned next to the table to speak with those who approach to handle the products.

To learn more, reach out to a professional who provides trade show display services.