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Why You Should Consider Advertising On A Streaming Platform Instead Of On Television

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Even though you might have invested in online advertising — such as social media marketing or paid ads on the major search engines — you may be thinking about going a bit traditional with your advertising, too. For example, you might be thinking about advertising on television, such as by making a commercial and purchasing airtime on a big TV station. However, you may want to consider advertising your commercial on a streaming platform instead. If you're curious about why this might be something that you will want to do, consider these reasons why.

Streaming Is Becoming More Popular Than Television

You might have never imagined that television would be going anywhere, and it's true that many people still sit down and watch local, cable, or satellite television every night. However, you can't ignore the fact that streaming is becoming incredibly popular. In fact, across some demographics, streaming is significantly more popular than regular television. Because of this, you might want to opt for streaming advertising, since you might find that it's going to be more effective. It also allows you to stay up-to-date with modern trends.

There May Be More Affordable Options

If you look into the cost of paying for a commercial block on a local television channel or even a bigger, national television channel, you are probably going to find that the cost is going to be high. You can reduce your advertising costs by choosing to advertise on a streaming network instead. Be aware that how much you will pay will depend on things like the length of your commercial, so if you're on a budget, you can always contact the streaming platform and ask about some of their more affordable options. Once you see how much success you can get from advertising on a streaming platform, however, you might find that it's justifiable to increase your advertising budget and pay for more commercials or longer, better commercials. Then, you might get even better results.

You Can Enjoy Many of the Same Benefits

Of course, even if you do choose to advertise on streaming platforms instead of regular television, you may find that you can enjoy many of the same benefits that you would enjoy if you were advertising on regular television. For example, if you would prefer to target a more local demographic, you should know that this is actually an option with many streaming advertising options.

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