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Tips For Marketing With Every Door Direct Mail

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Every door direct mail is often a great way to market a product or service. A good campaign, however, requires a bit of planning. If you want to have a more successful campaign, you can follow these five tips the next time you start one.

Build Around a Call to Action

Each piece of every door direct mail needs to have a clear call to action. This helps the target audience to make sense of what the marketing effort is about. It also connects them with ways to act upon the message.

If a pizza place is sending coupons to potential customers, the purchase is the call to action. This might be enhanced with a more specific call to action, such as encouraging the recipient to download the restaurant's app. Similarly, the message needs to point the customer to a benefit from following through, such as getting a discount on their first order through the app.

Nail Down the Target Geographic Area

The idea of every door direct mail might sound like it involves spreading a message widely. However, you can target your marketing narrowly with direct mail. Many companies use address databases that are tied to geographic maps. These allow businesses and organizations to focus on customers in identified areas, reducing potential overshoots from marketing to those who can't act on messages.


Even a small bit of personalization can go a long way. The simplest version is knowing the audience member's name. However, you can use customer data to go further, especially when you're using an opt-in database to reconnect with established customers. If you know the customer's birthday, for example, you can include a happy birthday message to give it a little more appeal.


It's a good idea to also use profiles to cluster audience members. This allows you to identify messages that appeal to particular groups. If you've found, for example, that retirees respond to different appeals than the ones that students find exciting, you can send mail products that are tailored to the two groups' interests.

Leverage the Strengths of Printing

Direct mail products have a few virtues that other marketing materials do not. Foremost, a quality direct mail item is shareable. If you create it with quality paper, it will hold up well enough for the recipient to pass it along to others.

You also can the space on the non-facing side of the mailer to provide additional information. For example, a restaurant might use a strong visual on the front, and then they can feature their main menu items on the back. For more information, contact a company that provides every door direct mail services.