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4 Advantages Of Outdoor Advertising Billboards In Brand Promotion

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Advertising billboards have been used in marketing for several decades and remain popular because they are effective in their passing marketing messaging. It is hard not to notice a beautifully designed billboard with a catchy image or slogan. With digital technology, billboards now carry video and can tell a better story than static images. Outdoor advertising billboards are good for both small and big brands. What advantages do they offer in brand promotion?

High Exposure 

Outdoor advertising has very high exposure, especially when placed strategically on major traffic routes and spaces. A person has to do minimal work to see a billboard other than walk or drive past to see it. It is not like digital advertising, where the viewer has to be logged in to a specific social media platform or website. It is also not like mass broadcasting, where a viewer or a listener has to tune in to a TV or radio channel.

Good graphic or video design guarantees high visual attraction because it is hard not to look at a brightly colored billboard at night. It is also less intrusive; it does not interrupt a good experience like an ad in the middle of a favorite TV show. 


Outdoor billboard advertising is very cost-effective relative to exposure. For comparison, a few seconds of TV advertising with guaranteed high exposure costs millions, for example, during the Super Bowl. Digital online advertising campaigns are also more costly when you need the same level of exposure. 

This affordability makes outdoor billboards suitable for small brands with limited marketing budgets. They are also ideal for localized promotion, for example, when announcing an end-of-year clearance sale at a local sports shop. 

Dynamic Messaging 

Outdoor billboards have evolved to take advantage of digital technology. Digital outdoor advertising billboards offer the advantage of dynamic messaging through video and audio. In addition, they bring in the advantages of video, including better storytelling and empathy creation. 

Dynamic messaging also offers advantages in ease of implementation and cost. You just plug in the new ad, and it is up in a few minutes. It allows experimentation with different messaging at a lower cost.

More Control Over Advertising 

You have less choice on where your ad will be placed on other advertising platforms and what time it will run. But with outdoor billboards, you can choose the exact spot you want your ad to be placed and the duration you want it to run.  

Are you looking for high brand exposure at an affordable cost? Talk to a marketing agency, like Ballyhoo Media, about outdoor billboard advertising ideas for your brand promotion.